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Tasia, fools! [userpic]
by Tasia, fools! (thekatgrl)
at February 28th, 2006 (11:08 pm)

the kami-sama granted: tired
the wind spoke: Cut Here - The Cure

What/who are you claiming: Mullen Shetland
Why do you want it/him/her: for all his confused priorities, he does the right thing in the end. And he's a super sweet guy. And I was crying so hard when I thought he died.
Anything else?: I would claim Dio, too, but that would be selfish. He was definitely my second favorite... if only Delphine hadn't... grr. Oh! And this = teh amazing.

sylviaviridian [userpic]
May the fair winds be with you
by sylviaviridian (sylviaviridian)
at February 28th, 2006 (08:56 pm)

the kami-sama granted: cheerful

Claiming: Sophia Forrester

Because: She's awesome! And I kind of look like her, am thinking of cosplaying as her at a con someday.

Other comments: I looked through the posts and saw that no one had asked for Alex yet, so I went and read the rules, and dangit, of course Alex is off-limits. Just my luck. Oh, well.

May the fair winds be with you!
by Pandora (lpandoral)
at March 1st, 2006 (08:56 am)
the kami-sama granted: accomplished

Well. Hey!
Pandora here.
Nice community :)
Pandora's the third member.
Yup! ^^
What/who are you claiming: Maestro Delphine
Why do you want it/him/her:She is magnificent^^ Lovely, sadistic, cold-blooded woman, I claim her. She reminds me of what i really love: domination, manipulation, and elegance.

See You Next...
*scatters rose petals*
*evil laughter*

Kaloprosopia. [userpic]
May fair winds be with you!
by Kaloprosopia. (oscurotrophic)
at February 28th, 2006 (03:58 pm)

Hello! First post, er, first member? Heh. Yes. I am a dork.

But! I am a dork on a mission. On a mission to claim! If there had been some serious competing going on, I was going to resort to little-known characters or instances, but, since it seems like a sure free-for-all, I'm just going to go big.

What/who are you claiming: Lucciola.
Why do you want it/him/her: Because he is a sweet darling epitomizing the struggle between duty and loyalty. And I just love him. Yeah.

And with that all-important step out of the way, I shall take my leave! (And my overabundance of jubilation and exclamation marks.) Toodles!

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