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Before Exile

Last Exile claims

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All Members , Moderated

People, hi! And welcome!

This is a community to claim and chat about the Last Exile anime.

The rules:

1. To claim you must join the community and make a post of your claim. All the claims in comments will be ignored.
2. Each person can start off with one claim. Claims can have anything to do with the Last Exile including voice actors, music, a certain moment or episode from anime, etc. etc.
3. No offence, fighting, being mean to anyone. What's been claimed - been claimed.
4. Advertising for other communities is allowed as long as they are anime/manga related.
5. Put "May the fair winds be with you" in the first line of your entry to show that you've read the rules.
6. Discussion is encouraged as long as it's Last Exile related.
7. Your livejournal must be updated at least every month or your claims will be taken off the list.
8. Showing me mistakes in my english is encouraged. It's really awful +you can earn a bonus. Hehe... I'll tell you about it later.
9. Any images must be put under an LJ Cut.
10. Claims in russian are ok! ^__~
11. Please don't complain about delays in updating the list, I will always update the list ASAP.
13. The form of your post may look like this:

What/who are you claiming:
Why do you want it/him/her:
If you already have a claim and are asking for another, please post a link here that goes to where I said you could have another claim (skip it if you are posting your first claim):
Anything else?:

Some PR:

Claims List:
Alexander Row is claimed by azer_zeki
Claus Valca is claimed by mayxchan
Dio Elaclaire is claimed by rosewater_image
Lucciola is claimed by oscurotrophic
Maestro Delphine is claimed by lpandoral
Mullen Shetland is claimed by thekatgrl
Sophia Forrester is claimed by sylviaviridian

Your stupid and lazy moderator is black_minna